The Bohemian Rhapsody Stream

This is a quick one. While playing around with Server-Sent Events I've created this page to consume my Bohemian Rhapsody stream. How it works Before building this page I had created a stream that sends Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics as messages. Those messages are sent obeying the time they would …  [Read more]

Server-Sent Events

Server-Sent events is a standard that describes a way for servers to send updates to clients through a persistent HTTP stream. SSE doesn't rely on any new technology. Instead, it uses features already existent on HTTP. This is an example of how an event-stream response looks like: HTTP/1.1 200 OK Co…  [Read more]

My experience with Godot and other engines

For the last 2 years I've been working on a 2D game and Godot was the engine I chose for this job. Although I've never released a game before, I did experiment with other engines and technologies along the years. That's why I decided to summarise here my point of view of Godot's pros and cons and wh…  [Read more]

It's ok to not write tests sometimes

We spent a long time trying to convince people that automated tests are important. It's good to see that nowadays things changed and our discussions are more about the quality of our tests than if we are doing them or not. However with experience we realize that not everything requires test and in s…  [Read more]

Let's get started

Hi, I'm Vini and this is my first blog post. The main reason I had never thought about blogging before was the amount of content out there. Good or bad, there are so many tutorials, opinions and reviews on the Internet. I didn't feel I should add to this blob of data only for the sake of getting att…  [Read more]