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Game Under development

Far Star

Far Star is a story-driven action-adventure game with Metroidvania influences. I work on this project on my spare time by myself, coding, designing and illustrating everything from the ground up. I'm planning to release it in late 2022. You can find devlogs on my Youtube channel.
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Game Dev Godot Plugin Open Source

Aseprite Wizard

Plugin for Godot game engine to import animations from Aseprite. It has many useful features to streamline pixel art imports.
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Game Dev Open Source

Clyde Dialogue

Clyde is a language I developed for writting branching dialogues for games. I implemented a few projects, including parsers, interpreters, syntax highlighting and a plugin for the Godot Game Engine.
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Game Dev Tutorials

This is Vini on Youtube

My Youtube channel is my personal corner focused on game development. I post dev logs, tutorials and random videos sometimes.
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Game Dev Godot Plugin Open Source


This is a plugin for Vim/Neovim to interact with Tmux. As most of my projects, it was born from a necessity, so I published it in case other people find it useful.
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Open Source Tutorials

More on Github

I'm always playing around and trying new stuff. You can find many code examples, libraries and experiments on my Github account.


These projects are not in active development anymore, but their code is still there for reference or whatever people want to do with them. Those projects are still useful and estable, but as I'm not able to focus on them, due to other priorities or having moved away from the domain, I don't feel confortable keeping updating them.

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Open Source Rust

SSE Client

EventSource implementation in Rust to handle streams of Server-Sent Events. It handles connections, redirections, retries and message parsing.
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Open Source Rust

HTTP Test Server

Programatically create end-points that listen for connections and return pre-defined responses.