I've been working on a game, this is the first devlog

I've been working on a game in my spare time and I decided to start publishing devlogs to track the progress. It's called Far Star. This is the first one. I hope you enjoy. If you like it and want to keep getting updates, consider subscribing to the channel. Thanks.…  [Read more]

Responsive mosaic/grid in ReactJS with Drag and Drop support

TL/DR This is an example of how to implement a responsive vertical mosaic/masonry grid with drag-and-drop support in ReactJS. You can check the live demo here. Here is a "Google Keep like" example. Check the source code for comments and tests. As a way to brush up my skills, I decided to experim…  [Read more]

The problem with VIM and pair programming (and how to fix it)

VIM is extremely powerful and configurable, allowing developers to set it up in a way that matches their preferences and workflow. However, this also brings a big issue: using another person's configuration can be rather frustrating. This problem is even more accentuated on a pair programming rotati…  [Read more]

TypeScript won't protect you from bad input

Even though I've been working with JS in all ends for the past 4 years, it was only last year that I had the chance (and will) to use TypeScript. It's nice to work with TS as it makes debugging, inspecting and making sense of the codebase easier. However, it may give us a false sense of safety by ma…  [Read more]

Godot: RigidBody vs KinematicBody

Kinematic and Rigid bodies are two common nodes for dealing with physics and collisions. The fundamental difference between those two types is that RigidBody is influenced by physics, while KinematicBody is not. This impacts how you move and handle collisions with each one of them. Movement The only…  [Read more]