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Godot useful samples and plugins

Hello there. As you may or may not know, I have a Youtube channel where I share stuff about my solo game dev journey. In the two years since I started the chann…  [Read more]

Behavior Trees and how to implement them in Godot

I recently posted a video with an introduction to Behavior Trees. My first draft was almost 40 minutes long, so I decided to cut it and simplify a few parts. I …  [Read more]

I've been working on a game, this is the first devlog

I've been working on a game in my spare time and I decided to start publishing devlogs to track the progress. It's called Far Star. This is the first one. I hop…  [Read more]

Godot: RigidBody vs KinematicBody

Kinematic and Rigid bodies are two common nodes for dealing with physics and collisions. The fundamental difference between those two types is that RigidBody is…  [Read more]

My experience with Godot and other engines

For the last 2 years I've been working on a 2D game and Godot was the engine I chose for this job. Although I've never released a game before, I did experiment …  [Read more]