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The problem with VIM and pair programming (and how to fix it)

VIM is extremely powerful and configurable, allowing developers to set it up in a way that matches their preferences and workflow. However, this also brings a b…  [Read more]

Converting videos to gif with a dockerised helper

Some time ago I created a helper to convert videos to gif using ffmpeg and gifsicle. This script provides a set of options through a simple interface and, in ca…  [Read more]

Coc - Intelisense for Vim and Neovim

Some months ago I wrote about using ALE for navigating through code with help of language servers. That works really well and I was totally satisfied, however I…  [Read more]

VIM: Better "Go to definition" and completion using ALE

Probably you've already heard about ALE, an asyncronous lint engine that analyse buffers in background showing the results without requiring saving files to dis…  [Read more]