Hi, I'm Vini and this is my first blog post.

The main reason I had never thought about blogging before was the amount of content out there. Good or bad, there are so many tutorials, opinions and reviews on the Internet. I didn't feel I should add to this blob of data only for the sake of getting attention.

Nowadays you can solve most of your problems searching for the solution on the Internet. However sometimes you face a situation where you have a simple issue and all the solutions you find are not valid for you, probably because of the many variables involved.

After reflecting about this I realized that maybe all the things I didn't write about could had helped someone with the same constraints I had.

This is why I'm starting now. I'm not saying this will change people's lives, but if at least one person find something interesting in this dark corner of the Internet, it is enough for me.

Photo credit: RAETHIER on Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-SA